Charles Thibodeaux

Charles was raised in a traditional Cajun family household in Beaumont, Texas. His parents were Church Point, Louisiana natives and for their wedding celebration and dance, Iry LeJeune provided the entertainment. His parents spoke French around the house when they didn’t want the kids to understand what they were saying but the kids understood it anyway.

Charles’s late cousin, Joe Thibodeaux, owned the Rodair Club in Port Acres Texas. During his youth, he visited the legendary club on a regular basis and was influenced to play the Cajun accordion by watching Andrew Cormier and The Rambling Aces band which included Rodney LeJeune, Dallas Roy and many other famous Cajun musicians.

At age 16, a friend gave him a used accordion that had a couple of keys missing. It had tape over the holes and reeds that wouldn’t play. After saving up his money, he bought an inexpensive Hohner but got side tracked away from his music for many years. While visiting an uncle in Church Point in the early 90’s, Charles mentioned that he was shopping for an accordion. His uncle walked him through the pasture, and over to the house next door and Charles bought a Pointe Noir in the key of C from the famous accordion builder, Dick Richard. He also plays 2 Martin accordions in the keys of D and B flat.

Charles formed a traditional Cajun Band in the Spring of 2004 for a group of Mardi Gras enthusiasts and they have since, thrilled audiences throughout the State of Texas and they continue to Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler—Let the Good Times Roll in Austin!